Why did Five Elms Capital invest in Playvox

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Five Elms Capital recently closed a minority investment in Playvox, a customer experience and agent performance coaching platform. The investment was reportedly around $50 million according to Recode. Playvox also raised a Series B funding round of $30M in February of 2018 led by EC Technology Ventures, bringing the total Series B money to $45 million.

The investment by Five Elms Capital captures the attention of many since it is the first collaboration with an enterprise software provider from the Silicon Valley-based venture firm. The capital from Five Elms was used to support global expansion and build out technology for artificial intelligence (AI). With this infusion of money, Playvox seeks to address customer experience management and broaden its capabilities as an enterprise software provider. This acquisition has also strengthened Five Elms’ portfolio and added new expertise that promises to boost its investments in enterprise software and cybersecurity.

The decision to invest came after months of research conducted by the investment team at Five Elms. After studying possible investments in enterprise software companies, they concluded that it would benefit them financially and strategically for them to invest in Playvox. According to Gartner Research, it gave them an opportunity to gain access into the rapidly growing customer service automation industry, which is projected to become a $41 billion global market by 2022.

Playvox CEO Nazareno Franchi stated that he was “thrilled” with the decision of Five Elms Capital, explaining: “This capital will enable us to support more customers globally while taking our product suite further along on our innovation journey.” In light of this transaction, it seems all parties involved have found success through joining forces and embarking on this common endeavor together — investing precisely into what creates value for each one’s future growth: knowledge and thought leadership within the customer service automation space.

Overview of Five Elms Capital

Five Elms Capital is a venture capital firm founded in 2018 by two experienced venture capitalists. The firm invests in early-stage companies in the technology and media fields. For example, five Elms Capital has invested in Playvox, Groupon, and Warby Parker companies.

Let’s take a closer look at why Five Elms Capital decided to invest in Playvox.


Five Elms Capital, founded in 1999 and headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area, is a growth equity firm focusing on investments in software, cloud computing, mobile and digital media sectors. Its current portfolio includes some of the most disruptive technology companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Oracle and startup companies focused on ending poverty and improving education worldwide.

The bedrock of Five Elms’ philosophy is that growth is key to maximizing returns for its investors. The firm’s hands-on investing approach maximizes their portfolio companies’ potential by leveraging Five Elms’ strategic resources including executive talent networks and venture capital expertise.

Five Elms invests in larger private-stage companies with a proven track record and demonstrate significant potential for growth. In early 2018, this approach led to their lead investment in Playvox, an enterprise customer service platform powered by software automation technology. At the time of its funding Playvox had over 50 paying customers and over 150 employees spread across offices in Colombia, Costa Rica, Texas (United States) and Spain.

Investment Focus

Five Elms Capital is a global venture capital firm that works with startups, established technology companies, and new innovators in the software and services space. Focused on growth-stage investments, Five Elms Capital seeks companies with strong traction and experienced management teams. The firm has San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York, Boston, London and Tokyo offices.

At Five Elms Capital, the team believes that venture investment should fuel ambitious teams with bold ideas to become agents of change in their industries or sectors. So the firm focuses on making long-term investments that add value beyond money. Through its ever-evolving suite of resources — from guidance on how to compete to strategic market advice — Five Elms provides portfolio companies with access to its powerful networks of industry influencers and experts so they can accelerate their path to success.

The five core focus sectors at Five Elms Capital are FinTech/Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Enterprise Software & Cloud Computing Services; Open Source Software; Network Infrastructure & Security; Mobile Platforms & Next Generation Messaging Apps; and Business Automation Software & Machine Learning Solutions.

These are just a few examples of opportunities that can benefit from an investment from Five Elms Capital. In particular, Five Elms Investment recently made a strategic investment into Playvox – a cloud based collaboration platform designed for call centers – demonstrating the firm’s commitment to supporting technology companies driving innovative customer experience solutions for modern businesses.

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Overview of Playvox

Playvox is an AI-driven customer experience management platform that helps customer service teams deliver exceptional customer experiences. In May of 2020, Five Elms Capital invested in Playvox to help further their mission.

To understand why Five Elms Capital chose to invest in Playvox, let’s look at what makes Playvox unique and how it can benefit customer service teams.

Company Background

Playvox is a customer service software-as-a-service (SaaS) company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Founded in 2012, Playvox provides cloud-based customer service solutions to help companies optimize their customer experience and back office operations. In 2017, Playvox secured a multi-million dollar investment from Five Elms Capital to expand its product offering and customer base.

With nearly one decade in the market, Playvox has established itself as a leader in the customer service industry with its game-changing platform and suite of products. Its cloud-based architecture was designed for scalability and performance within fast-growing organizations. An integrated approach to services creates an efficient framework for workflow creation, employee management, communication innovations, reporting capabilities and more.

Playvox’s customers benefit from increased levels of automation that enable cross functional alignment and shared objectives across departments within their organization. The intuitive user interface is comprehensive yet simple enough for users to quickly get up to speed with existing tools that allow them to improve service delivery times while reducing operating costs simultaneously. In addition, enhancing customer experience analytics reporting helps convert insights into actionable strategies regarding quality assurance compliance measurements, QA process improvements.

Products and Services

Playvox is a customer service software company that helps organizations of all sizes build better customer relationships and accelerate performance through its AI-powered customer service automation platform. With Playvox, businesses can streamline and automate customer care processes, resulting in improved customer engagement, better team productivity, higher employee morale and greater satisfaction.

Playvox has two core products – the real-time, AI-powered Perform bot and the omnichannel support platform. The Perform Bot allows customers to automate complex customer service tasks such as capturing data from transactional emails or identifying customers at risk of leaving due to negative experiences. In addition, by leveraging machine learning algorithms, the Perform Bot can predict which automated tasks should be assigned based on past conversations within an organization.

The omnichannel support platform provides a single view of customer experience from multiple communication channels by giving users an integrated view of all customer inquiries regardless of communication medium (web chatbot, email correspondence, social media). This lets agents quickly prioritize inquiries based on value and urgency and document all interactions for later review.

In addition to its core products, Playvox offers advanced analytics capabilities including sentiment analysis commands to surface high engagement moments with customers across multiple channels for further review; advanced reporting for conducting detailed analysis about conversations’ outcomes; supervised learning tools that allow agents to design responses tailored educational methods; and more. These features make it easier for organizations to improve their current processes while developing best practices moving forward.

Reasons for Investment

Five Elms Capital is a global venture capital firm dedicated to accelerating the success of innovative companies. Recently, the firm invested Playvox, a customer service software company.

We’ll examine why Five Elms Capital made the winning move with this investment.

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Five Elms Capital Invest US$25M in Colombian Customer Service Monitoring Platform Playvox

Five Elms Capital’s investment in Playvox was based on the company’s ability to capitalize on a lucrative market opportunity. The market for customer service automation solutions is expected to grow quickly, creating significant upside potential for Playvox.

This projected growth is backed by numerous sources, including market research and analyst reports indicating that global spending on customer service technologies and automation solutions will reach $12.6 billion by 2022 — representing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of over 16%. As organizations increasingly focus on leveraging technology to improve operational efficiency, innovation and customer satisfaction, the demand for flexible and reliable software solutions like Playvox’s will continue to grow.

Another important factor that drove Five Elms Capital’s decision to invest in Playvox was the company’s strong leadership team. With over 50 years of cumulative experience in technology innovation, the executive team provides unique product design and development expertise—an invaluable asset when competing in this highly competitive marketplace. This experience and the team’s drive to achieve ambitious goals through creative problem solving have enabled Playvox to remain at the forefront of customer service automation solutions development.

This comprehensive assessment of market size and potential combined with understanding how excellence in leadership can drive future success ultimately served as convincing factors for Five Elms Capital’s investment decision: providing capital so that Onoworks could accelerate its competitive position by expanding its efforts within the customer service automation space.

Growth Potential

Five Elms Capital considers factors such as market conditions, the company’s long-term goals and growth potential when evaluating a potential investment. For example, regarding the investment in Playvox, the rapid growth of this customer engagement and operational optimization platform was a major factor for Five Elms Capital. This platform is used to streamline customer operations and increase overall efficiency.

Playvox’s extensive suite of features has enabled various industries such as retail banking and software development services to transform customer experience through automated processes. This removes manual labor from customer service operations and increases cost savings and a better customer service experience. Furthermore, Playvox’s automated processes provide predictive insights related to customer sentiment which can help businesses adapt quickly to changes in consumer demand over time.

The combination of favorable market conditions for the company, its long-term goals and growth potential encouraged Five Elms Capital to invest in Playvox.

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Leadership Team

An experienced management team is essential for any successful business and Playvox is no exception. Five Elms Capital noted that the Playvox leadership team had established credibility, a proven track record, and expansive market knowledge, industry relationships, and customer awareness. This investor was especially impressed by the number of customer success stories that Playvox’s experienced leadership has created over the years.

The founders of Playvox bring tremendous experience from Latin America to the table. Their combined ratings industry knowledge and regional expertise enabled them to develop end-to-end solutions in customer experience management that have been recognized globally as very successful investments.

The executive team brings together industry veterans with a broad range of skills and industry experience; this includes technology engineering, customer service, analytics, product design, data science, software engineering, sales management, finance and more. The diverse background of these professionals provides an essential level of scaleable resources to help ensure ongoing success as they expand globally into new markets.

Five Elms recognizes the importance of having an expertly managed team to lead any organization through growth changes such as rapid expansion or investment mergers/acquisitions (M&A). Leveraging the knowledge from this highly experienced group within Playvox’s executive team prior to investing could only help benefit both parties involved in this strategic relationship for many years to come.


In conclusion, Five Elms Capital invested in Playvox because the company identified a crucial success factor in its comprehensive employee engagement platform. In addition, they saw how Playvox’s suite of products combined with its unique user experience could help to make the call center a strategic asset, leading to optimized customer journey experiences and cost savings.

Additionally, they recognized that Playvox’s commitment to continual learning would lead to higher customer satisfaction ratings and better retention. In combination, these factors made investing in Playvox an attractive opportunity for Five Elms Capital.

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