Playvox’s acquisition of Agyle Time

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Playvox, a customer experience optimization platform that helps customer service teams increase performance, has acquired Agyle Time, a tracking system for employee engagement and labor optimization. The acquisition gives Playvox access to Agyle Time’s advanced feature set, which allows teams to track agent activity in real time, assign tasks more efficiently and optimize workflows.

The combination of Playvox and Agyle Time will create an end-to-end solution for customer experience measurement and optimization across the entire enterprise ecosystem. The newly combined suite will allow companies to measure real-time customer sentiment and satisfaction while optimizing employee productivity with advanced time-tracking capabilities.

The acquisition combines Playvox’s powerful customer experience analytics with Agyle Time’s state-of-the-art Time tracking capabilities, giving companies an effective toolset to measure and improve team performance without compromising compliance or data governance standards. Furthermore, integrating two robust enterprise software solutions will make it easier for businesses to manage their employees’ performance and centralize their data into one system of record. Together, the products will create a comprehensive suite for enterprises looking for unrivaled CX insights, advanced employee engagement metrics, and compliance oversight at scale.

Background of Playvox

Playvox is a customer experience management platform that was founded in 2011. It provides a suite of software that helps companies with their customer experience and employee engagement.

It recently announced the acquisition of Agyle Time, a time-tracking and workforce-scheduling company. This article will discuss Playvox’s background and why the addition of Agyle Time is a great fit for their business.

History of Playvox

Playvox is a software company founded in 2011 in Bogota, Colombia. It started as a cloud-based platform providing call center agents and managers with increased efficiency and performance thanks to the gamification of agents’ workflows. The founders, who had previously worked as VP of Performance at Pitstop, partnered up with other executives from Avianca Airlines to create this platform.

Since its launch, Playvox has become one of the most prominent and powerful contact center management solutions across Latin America and North America. In 2017, it was ranked as one of the top ten companies listed on the Colombian NGO Startup Ranking.

In 2020, Playvox announced their acquisition of the timekeeping app Agyle Time for an undisclosed amount in cash plus an equity stake. This deal allowed them to expand their contact centers platform by adding Time tracking capabilities for managers and employees, including GPS location marking for attendance record keeping. In addition, this acquisition enabled them to strengthen their position further as a major contact center software development player.

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Overview of services

Playvox is a customer service management and automation platform designed to help customer service teams generate more value. The German-based company provides tools and analytics that allow customer service teams to understand customers better and make more informed decisions. It also offers an optimization suite that will enable companies to better identify areas of improvement in their process.

Playvox has been on the rise lately, with several acquisitions and partnerships, such as the acquisition of Agyle Time in February 2019, a global time-tracking software for customer service teams. This brings additional capabilities for Playvox customers, including a built-in telephony integration, rich analytics with AI-powered insights, and improved dashboards and reporting capabilities.

In addition to its services, Playvox also provides an intuitive user experience with an emphasis on reducing manual workflows while optimizing existing processes and automating key tasks as much as possible. With its expansive feature set ranging from quality assurance to conversation analytics, Playvox enables companies to manage all aspects of their customer support operations in one solution.

Playvox scores $25M investment and acquires Australian startup Agyle Time

Agyle Time is a cloud-based workforce management and time-tracking solution that helps businesses manage their workforce across multiple locations. It offers time tracking, absence management, payroll automation, and reporting features. The answer has been around since 2018, and in 2021, it was acquired by Playvox for an undisclosed amount.

Before delving more into the acquisition details, let’s look at the background of Agyle time.

History of Agyle Time

Agyle Time, founded in 2015, was the only comprehensive single-sign-on platform that provided enterprise-level security and compliance with the industry’s leading accreditation standards. In addition, the platform enabled customers to easily manage employee scheduling, payroll, and expenses across various devices.

Before its acquisition by Playvox in 2020, Agyle Time had become one of the most recognizable names in employee time management for mid-sized businesses. During this time, Agyle time helped clients improve productivity and efficiencies by providing users with powerful insights into their workforce scheduling and utilization needs. Additionally, it offered enterprises data that helped them measure performance against defined objectives in a secure and compliant manner.

With its fully featured mobile app for Android and iOS, Agyle Time customers could easily access all the benefits their device provided themselves or on behalf of their staff members for online and offline access exclusively on this app. This offered clients full control over their operations with no hidden fees or extra costs associated with its usage.

Thanks to Agyles Time’s highly customizable options including compliance support, budget tracking features, third-party integrations of payroll systems such as Xero, and an optional GPS tracking option – this tool established itself as an invaluable asset amongst many businesses during its 5 years on the market before being acquired by Playvox in 2020.

Overview of services

Agyle Time provides enterprise time and attendance solutions delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Founded in 2017, it provides flexible resources to manage any size workforce. As a SaaS, Agyle Time’s solutions work with a company’s existing systems and help automate manual processes, such as manual timekeeping or paper time cards.

Agyle Time simplifies time tracking and employee management by allowing users to quickly manage to leave requests, absences, vacation days, approvals, and scheduling tools. The platform also provides an effective attendance tracking system with geofencing for on-site staff and digital payroll processing for remote teams. In addition, with Agyle Time’s simple cloud-based interface, the entire system can be managed remotely in minutes with real-time data analytics to help make better decisions quickly.

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Details of the Acquisition

Playvox, a leader in customer experience software, recently announced its acquisition of Agyle Time, a leader in workforce management solutions.

This acquisition will introduce innovative solutions for B2C and B2B businesses, revolutionizing the customer experience industry.

To understand this acquisition better, let’s look at all the details.

Terms of the Acquisition

The terms of the acquisition were set out by both Playvox and Agyle Time and aim to benefit both companies:

• Playvox is making an upfront payment to Agyle Time of $10 million, with future payments contingent on the acquisition’s success and any other arrangements negotiated between the two firms.

• Agyle Time will remain an independent entity but will become fully integrated into Playvox’s business model as a subsidiary company.

• All team members from Agyle Time will be offered employment at Playvox in similar roles, with appropriate salary adjustments for their experience and expertise.

• The two companies have also agreed to a share swap between the shareholders of each organization, ensuring long-term financial investment in the success of this venture in the future.

Benefits of the Acquisition

The acquisition of Agyle Time by Playvox presents numerous strategic benefits for both companies. For Playvox, the move is expected to move the company up to a new level and help it increase its presence in the market.

The strategic combination of Playvox’s automation technology with Agyle Time’s cloud-based mobile Time tracking application will help the company better manage and optimize its operations and promote faster decision-making and growth potential. As a result, enterprises can leverage Playvox’s efficient operation management solution from any location across different platforms without worrying about security or scalability issues. Furthermore, businesses will have access to a comprehensive time-tracking system for better employee productivity.

The acquisition also allows both companies to benefit from a shared global presence in multiple markets and collaborations with clients in the financial services industry, telecommunications providers, and managed services providers. This will allow them to increase their global reach and exposure while building closer customer relationships than ever before. In addition, the resulting unified resources are expected to offer more agile solutions backed by valuable insights that help various business teams make informed decisions quickly.

Overall, this strategic collaboration is beneficial on many fronts – by enabling access to data-driven operational management solutions; quicker decision-making capabilities; extended geographic reach; improved customer engagement opportunities; and more comprehensive individualized experiences tailored according to client preferences. The acquisition is therefore considered an essential element in Playvox’s journey toward long-term success.

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Impact of the Acquisition

The acquisition of Agyle Time by Playvox has dramatically impacted the market for workforce optimization tools for contact centers. In addition, it has enabled Playvox to gain a foothold in workforce optimization and extend its capabilities to new markets.

This article will delve into the different implications of this acquisition and what it means for the industry.

Impact on Playvox

The acquisition of Agyle Time by Playvox was a strategic move that has had positive outcomes for the software provider. With the completion of the purchase, Playvox has gained a best-in-class Time tracking and reporting platform that functions seamlessly with its cloud-based contact center suite. As a result, customers of both companies will now have access to the combined feature suite and can quickly configure their own rules regarding attendance, leave management, and payroll.

The Agyle Time integration also strengthens Playvox’s ability to empower agents and managers by providing enhanced tools to streamline their HR processes. This acquisition also enhances functionality through more granular reporting that reduces administrative overhead while providing increased visibility into employee performance metrics. Agents can now easily capture performance data using automated rules driven by customer comments received in the platforms’ dashboards.

Overall, integrating these two platforms gives customers greater flexibility, improves workflow effectiveness, and streamlines processes within an organization’s contact center environment while helping them reach their customer satisfaction, compliance, and efficiency goals across all channels. With this added functionality from Agyle Time as part of Playvox’s all-inclusive offering for contact centers, users benefit from streamlined oversight and monitors at every level within an organization’s call center operations.

Impact on Agyle Time

The acquisition of Agyle Time by Playvox significantly impacted the company and its customers. From an organizational perspective, Agyle time was no longer a standalone entity and was now integrated with all of the tools and features within Playvox’s digital transformation platform. This meant a much more comprehensive offering from one platform, with expanded functionality and services provided to clients.

This acquisition’s impact on customers was significant as the combination of Agyle Time’s product offerings and Playvox’s customer experience software solution allowed for the seamless delivery of everything customers needed. In addition, the integration opened up new possibilities for customers to automate their workforce processes, analyze performance data and gain insight into workflow bottlenecks. Customers also enjoyed an improved user interface that made navigation easier, with many additional features available.

Overall, this acquisition opened up new possibilities for Agyle Time’s existing customer base and those new to the platform, allowing them to optimize their customer experience while offering enhanced automated workflows that previously weren’t readily available.


In conclusion, Playvox’s acquisition of Agyle Time is a strategic move that grants the company access to Agyle Time’s expansive network of customers and provides numerous cost-saving opportunities. This acquisition is part of Playvox’s mission to provide employees with the best possible customer experience through innovative solutions. We are confident it will pay dividends for our business and our clients.

We look forward to continuing to work with Agyle Time as we expand our team, technology, and services.

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