Karma’s Mission To Make It Easier For People To Do Good

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Karma, a social enterprise focused on making it easier for people to do good and have a meaningful impact on their lives, announced that it has raised $25 million in Series A funding led by Target Global.

The investment will help Karma accelerate its platform’s growth and increase its reach in communities worldwide.

This article will dive into Karma’s mission, its innovative approach to fundraising, and what this new funding means for its future.

Overview of Karma

Karma is a mobile platform for non-profits and other do-good organizations to create easy mechanisms for people to identify and support community causes. Founded in 2020, Karma teamed up with Target Global to close a Series A funding of $25 million to accelerate the success of our mission.

Karma’s platform is focused on bringing more transparency and awareness within each community. People can pick the most relevant causes, browse news articles about organizations making impact in their communities, receive updates on their donations and search out volunteer opportunities that align with their passions. Launching an initiative like Karma involves dialogues with many types of benefactors and our mission has resonated with more users than we ever expected. Across the world, hundreds of thousands of people use Karma as an expression of support and appreciation for all types of beneficiaries including non-profits, education institutions, business associations and grassroots organizations – virtually any organization working towards social or environmental justice.

We are inspired by technology’s power to strengthen the connection between citizens, resource providers and organizations leading noteworthy efforts in local communities worldwide. As a result, despite the significant ethical considerations that come along with technology`s use of personal data tracking, we prioritize user privacy at Karma. We consider security measures state-of-the art so that our users’ data will remain safe from any misuse or transformation upon its collection or retention by our service centers.

At Karma we are driven by making it easier for people to do good as we work directly with local partners who understand the turf better than anyone else to provide donors a new kind of meaningful experience through their giving journey: one that involves both depth in understanding what they’re supporting and intimacy while reaching out where it matters most – within their backyards.

Summary of Series A funding

Karma, a mobile giving and volunteer platform, recently announced its $25 million Series A funding led by Target Global. The new funds will propel Karma’s mission of making it easier for people to do good and support the communities around them.

The investment boosts Karma’s development of an inclusive platform for non-profit organizations to leverage technology to drive donations, volunteers, and resources. It also paves the way for launching initiatives that simplify searching, donating, and distributing resources efficiently while following best privacy and security practices.

With its easy-to-use interface designed to foster social good at every level—from local businesses to corporate giants—Karma uses the new series A funds to expand globally. It plans to advance its product development with smarter data analytics capabilities that enable users to confidently make personalized giving choices. In addition, its quick team onboarding helps organizations grow their presence with expendable tools that power donations into their respective communities.

The Series A funding further enables Karma’s suite of complimentary services to improve the effectiveness of initiatives like electronic donations, online gifts campaigns, tracking volunteers hours, and transparent event management and analysis tools specifically tailored for non-profits covering a wide range of causes such as hunger relief programs.

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What is Karma?

Karma is a mobile platform that makes it easier to do good by connecting volunteers with nonprofit organizations. Founded in 2020, Karma is on a mission to bridge the gap between non-profits and volunteers, to build a community of people who take action for important causes.

Recently, Karma announced that it has raised $25 million in Series A funding led by Target Global.

What is Karma’s mission?

Karma’s mission is to make it easier for people to do good. Its app enables users to collect points for donating time and money, which can be redeemed for rewards. The company hopes to encourage individuals to become more involved in charitable activities by providing incentives and recognition for doing good deeds. Karma’s platform also allows users to track the causes they support, helping them understand how their donations make a difference.

In October 2020, Karma raised $25 million in Series A funding led by Target Global with additional participation from Reach Capital and Crosstown Ventures, along with existing investors including Reshape (formerly SEED Armenia). The round followed Karma’s launch of its first European charity campaign – #DearFuture. Users could donate their time or money in exchange for points that could be donated towards causes they care about. This fundraising will enable the company to continue building its product and scale its operations in 20 countries worldwide.

How does Karma work?

Karma is an app that makes it easier for people to do good by connecting them with the charities, causes, and organizations that can benefit most. It enables users to donate money directly to those organizations, track their impact and frequently make well-informed decisions about where their donations will go.

Karma accomplishes this by connecting its users to a database of over 1400 verified charitable and nonprofit organizations worldwide. Users are asked a few questions upon signing up, such as their location and interests, so Karma can personalize the charities in its database to match those interests.

When deciding which of these organizations to support, users can further narrow the choices based on factors such as geography or cause area (such as animal rescue or health). Finally, donors can make informed decisions about where their donation dollars should be sent by being presented with background information on each organization including average expenses per dollar raised and historical impact reports.

In addition to facilitating direct donations, Karma also enables users to join various NGO campaigns that allow engagement such as virtual volunteering sessions or letter-writing activities facilitated by Karma’s partners in-app. Charitable giving is also encouraged through existing marketplaces like AmazonSmile and coupons from platforms such as Groupon Goods which enable shoppers donating a percentage of what they spend towards charity-based causes. To date, Karma has raised over $25 million in Series A funding led by Target Global investments at TechCrunch disrupt 2018 – proof that investing in doing good pays off!

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Benefits of Karma

Karma, a tech company that provides mobile-first donation solution, recently raised $25 million in Series A funding led by Target Global.

Karma’s mission is to make it easier for people to do good and break down the barriers to charitable giving.

This section will look into the benefits of Karma and how this new capital will help them to achieve their mission.

What makes Karma unique?

Karma has a unique mission of helping people do good in the world. The company looks to make it easier for anyone with a credit or debit card to support the causes they care about: whether by making donations, creating micro-payments and more. This allows supporters to deeply engage with causes they are passionate about and wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Karma’s mission extends beyond just donating money; its proprietary digital infrastructure also allows customers to create powerful automated campaigns within its platform–from grassroots movements and charity events, to crowdfunding campaigns and company giving programs–which can result in powerful impact for any organization holistically. This is made possible through Karma’s plug-and-play integrations, allowing people to learn more while customizing their user experience depending on what matters most. The platform also enables users to track their overall contribution history and easily view any outbound donations, further enhancing customer engagement over time.

Recently, Karma announced that it has raised $25 million in Series A funding led by Target Global—a major investment group recognized worldwide for backing innovative startups that strive for positive social change. The strength of this global collaboration proves the impactful potential of the platform even further. It signals that together we can make doing good easy for everyone who wants to be part of something great.

What are the benefits of using Karma?

Karma is an app that aims to simplify doing good and easier for everyone. It provides a platform for users to plug into opportunities to help in their communities, encouraging people to lend a hand and give back. Through Karma’s mobile app, users can find volunteer events and nonprofit organizations in their area to join in with causes that are near and dear to them.

The Karma app also provides users with several rewards for their work, including donations from partnering sponsors and discounts from companies like Uber, Airbnb, Levi’s and more. By monetizing the process of volunteering and helping out those in need, Karma hopes to increase the prevalence of civic engagement. Furthermore, many users feel an increased sense of purpose when using the Karma app.

Karma has recently raised $25 million Series A funding led by Target Global — one of Europe’s leading venture capital funds — that will help the company further its mission of making it easier for people everywhere to do good. This funding will go towards strengthening the user base by extending karma’s reach internationally through advertisement campaigns targeting major cities around the world as well as developing innovative new products so users can continue giving back while having fun at the same time.

tel avivbased karma aipowered series globalmaliktechcrunch

Karma Raises $25 million in Series A funding led by Target Global

Karma, a social enterprise platform, has announced that they have raised $25 million in Series A funding led by Target Global. This is great news for the company as it will help them to expand their mission to make it easier for people to do good.

The Series A funding will help them grow their platform, making it easier for more people to help in their local communities.

Who led the Series A round?

Berlin-based venture capital firm Target Global led the Series A round of fundraising. It was joined by new investors including Silicon Valley firms Emergence, Wavemaker Partners, Threshold Ventures (formerly DFJ Venture), and existing investors Mangrove Capital and Arbor Ventures. The round brings Karma’s total fundraising to more than $40 million.

The new funds will be used to accelerate product development, expand lifestyle partnerships and grow its global customer base.

Karma works with retailers, digital brands and non-profits to help increase consumer engagement around a cause through simple donations or free sample giveaways. This new funding will enable Karma to expand its mission of making it easier for people to do good.

What will the Series A funding be used for?

Karma, a mission-driven startup that enables people to give back easily, has raised $25 million in Series A funding led by Target Global. Karma will use the investment to expand its mobile giving platform and build on its existing partnerships with local and global organizations. In addition, the company plans to strengthen its commitment to making it easier for people to do good by investing in technology, product development, marketing and customer support initiatives.

Specifically, the Series A investment will launch a full suite of donation tools designed to make charity accessible in more places than before. This includes an embedded donation service that allows websites and apps to raise money without having to set up their payment systems; a retail solution which enables stores and shopping sites to donate a share of their proceeds directly through Karma; and a social fundraising platform allowing friends, family members and other donors’ networks come together around a cause or individual need.

Additionally, the funds will help Karma scale up team members specialized in cloud engineering, big data analysis, machine learning, customer experience design and more — empowering them with the necessary resources and talent so they can power their impactful missions.


The funding underscored the immense potential for Karma to make the world a better place by making it easier for people to do good. Karma’s mission to make it easier for people to do good was magnified by their series A funding led by Target Global.

This funding opens up many possibilities for the company to continue their mission and positively impact the world.

Summary of Karma’s mission

Karma is a mobile loyalty point system for charities and social causes. Their mission is to make it easier for people to do good in the world by connecting them with their favorite nonprofits, offering rewards that benefit charity partners, and inspiring more mindful giving. By leveraging technology and community building, Karma aims to create an enjoyable experience while encouraging users to support altruistic behavior.

Recently, Karma announced a $25 million Series A funding round led by Target Global to continue pursuing its mission of making it easier for people to do good. The investment will allow Karma to offer additional rewards programmes and expand its reach into additional countries beyond the US, UK and Canada. Additionally, the capital will be used to further develop their impact platform by accelerating the launch of new engagement products such as premium memberships or targeted donation campaigns.

Through these investments and collaborations, Karma aims to become the go-to platform for rewards-based charitable giving while continuing its mission of inspiring individuals from all walks of life to participate in meaningful giving experiences.

Summary of Series A funding

Karma, a technology platform that makes it easier for people to do good, has raised $25 million in Series A funding led by Target Global. Existing investors Goodwater Capital and Talis Capital also participated in the round. Over its three-year history, Karma has raised $35 million.

The Series A round will enable Karma to expand into new markets across Europe and Asia while continuing to roll out its product suite and accelerate headcount. On the product side, the team is planning several key launches later this year and in 2021 that aim to make donating – both money and time – simple, automated and public.

Karma’s mission is to empower all people worldwide with access to easy-to-use technology that enables them to do more good. With customer demand for socially responsible products increasing dramatically in recent years, the company believes it can make a difference by helping people learn about causes they care about, donate their time or money, take action on behalf of those causes, manage their donations more efficiently and contribute more powerfully toward making social change happen at scale.

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